6 comments on “Confessions of a Former Procrastinator

  1. Love this! I am so the same. But I also think maybe my brain needs time to process and prep before I sit down to let it all poor out. Yep. That’s my excuse. Makes total sense 🙂

    Really though I think you have highlighted an interesting point about any habit or mindset we want to change. Articulating and reflecting on it is most of the work. Has me thinking more about what of like to work on. Thanks.

    • I think you’re right about processing time. I may not be doing anything until the last minute, but I’m preparing to do it. I’m thinking about it or gathering resources.

  2. I am a huge procrastinator. However, I find that this is the case because long ago I learned that I really, honestly, do my best work under pressure. If I know I have tons of time, it becomes hard for me to really give anything much weight. If I know that it must be done (Under the Gunn *insert Make-it-work moment here*) then it will be completed and it will be great!

    BTW Love the subversive Dr. Farnsworth reference!

    As the Rolling Stones said “Time is on my side… Yes it is.”

    • Yes, pressure forces you to make a decision and stick with it. When I start a project early, I can never make up my mind and ending up wasting time on details.
      BTW I’m going to try to work in lots of geeky allusions.

  3. Procrastination is better than anti-crastination, I always say. Usually I put off stuff I loathe, like mapping our curriculum. Oh, I enjoy the idea part, the creative part of curriculum — I just hate to roll it out into the parcels that administrators demand. You know, with all that jargon blah, blah, blah that Education, Inc., so loves.

    Oddly, I also put off tasks I actually want to do, too, like write and market freelance stuff. Instead, I read (easier) or write in my blog (writing, but not really, because it’s mostly “I to Myself”).

    That said, your point is made. One man’s procrastination is another man’s deadline — and deadlines tend to work like nothing else.

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