For the week of March 17, 2014, I will be moderating #slowchated. The topic is Teacher Leadership, something near and dear to my heart. Questions will be posted here daily as well as tweeted a few times.

Q1: Let’s get to know each other. What are some leadership roles you’ve had or still have? Formal and informal count.

Here’s an article from ASCD if you’re struggling to put a name to everything you do: Ten Roles for Teacher Leaders.

Q2: What conditions are necessary to support and sustain teachers in leadership positions?

Q3: What are some issues surrounding teacher leadership? (If you addressed this yesterday, explain your answer more.)

Q4: Yesterday, delegation and limiting # of roles was discussed. How do we encourage other Ts to take on more responsibilities?

Pre-Q5: We’ve discussed the context of leadership and how to proliferate. I keep seeing talk about TL’s skills though.

Q5: What skills do successful leaders have?

Q6: Yesterday I asked what skills TL’s need. How do we improve those skills? Feel free to share resources.


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